Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rock-A-Bye Babies Mixed Media Tutorial

Mixed media assemblage is not something I do often and is a little out of my comfort zone but when I found a rusty old trowel that was partially covered in plaster at the thrift store,
I couldn't resist the urge to alter it!


Resin (I used ICE Resin® )
mica sheet
old rusty notched trowel that has some plaster crusted on it
sheet music
photo copy of poem
birch bark
photocopied graphics of birds and eggs (I found mind at the Graphics Fairy)
2 screws
brown ink pad
hot glue


  1. Tear sheet music to fit onto the trowel. Tear around the bird and egg graphics and the poem. Lightly rub each piece with brown ink to age them.
  2.  Mix the resin according to the package instructions. Use a small piece of sponge or a sponge brush to cover the bird and egg graphic with the resin. Apply some resin to the trowel and cover with the sheet music and another coat of resin. Let the resin cure.
  3. Drill two holes into the mica. Sandwich the poem between the bark and mica. Add glue to each screw and insert them into the holes in the mica with the screws ends poking through the bark to secure the layers together.
  4. Bundle the twigs into a circle with some ends extending wildly outward from the center and secure with wire.
  5. Hot glue the twigs into place on the trowel along with the bird and egg graphics. Glue moss to fill in gaps and to cover the glue.

Happy Creating!


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  1. I'm popping by from "Every Little Birdie" and of course I LOVE this project!!!!! might have to try my hand at it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Something about birds, twigs, poems....speak to me. I love your composition. Great tutorial...even I could do something similar.



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