Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photo Paperweight Tutorial

Make personalized paperweights
from inexpensive glass ashtrays!

Glass ashtrays are usually around $1 or less at the thrift stores,
are fairly heavy and make great personalized paper weights!

Materials and Tools
Glass ashtrays
Tissue paper
Photos or copies of originals
Modge Podge
Resin and containers to mix it in (I used ICE Resin®)
Small paint brush for applying the Modge Podge


  1. Turn the ashtray upside down. Print and cut your photo to fit inside the recessed area of the ashtray. Use Modge Podge to glue in place. Let dry. Apply a layer of Modge Podge on top of the photo to seal it. Let dry.
  2. Pour a layer of resin to cover the photo. Let cure.
  3. Print lettering of your choice onto tissue paper. Trim as close to the lettering as possible. (The resin will cause the tissue paper to become fairly transparent but I don’t recommend putting it over the faces because it will cloud the image a little).
  4. Use a tiny bit of resin to apply the tissue lettering into place (It would be best to do this step when you are mixing resin for another project since you’ll need so little). Let cure.
  5. Pour resin to fill. Let cure.
  6. Optional: Depending on the style of the ashtray, print out lettering and use Modge Podge to apply to the inside rim of the ashtray or across the bottom. If applying paper to the bottom, you will need to back it with a lightweight cardboard to prevent in from tearing.


  1. Shop garage sales and thrift stores for glass ashtrays. Look for ones that have a slight recessed area on the bottom that will work well to hold the resin.
  2. To print on tissue paper – Tape the tissue paper to a regular piece of printer paper so it will not get caught up in the printer.

Happy Creating!


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