Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shabby Chic Cuff - video and written tutorial

Tools Used –
Spellbinders Grand Calibur die cutting machine
Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels Fifteen (2nd smallest in set)
Sewing Machine
Small hand drill or rotary drill
Pliers: round-nose
Wire cutters
Textured stamp
Bone folder

Products Used –
ICE Resin®
2 small pieces of Art Mechanique cream sheer ribbon
Fusible interfacing (sew-in will work)
Crocheted flower
Brown thread
Vintage ear ring with faux pearls
Copper sheet: 34 gauge
Snaps and snap setting tool
Fingernail buffing stick or very fine sandpaper
Liver of sulfer solution
Epoxy glue

1. Use the die to cut and emboss a square from the copper sheet.

2. Lay the square on the stamp and rub with the bone folder to create texture.

3. Soak the square in a warm liver of sulfer solution until it is very dark. Remove and rinse with cold water. Lightly sand with the nail buffing stick to remove some of the dark patina.

4. Cut the back off the earring. If the earring has a dangle and is removable, remove it.
5. Glue the earring at the center of the flower. Let cure.
6. Mix the resin according to the package directions. Cover the front side of the square with resin and place the flower centered on it. Drip a little more resin onto the piece to cover the flower. Let it cure according to the package directions.

7. If the earring dangle was removed, replace it.
8. Tear two pieces of muslin to 2 1/8” wide and to your wrist size plus about 2”. Cut a piece of interfacing that is just a little smaller than the muslin. Iron the interfacing to one muslin piece.

9. Lay the second muslin piece on top of the other with the interfacing sandwiched between the two pieces of muslin. Sew a zigzag stitch around the edges twice. Sew two lines of gathering stitches down the center of the cuff.

10. Pull the threads to gather the cuff to fit your wrist, (remember to allow enough overlap for the snaps). Tie the threads off to secure.

11. Follow the manufacturers directions to apply two snaps to the cuff.

12. Drill a hole at the center of each side of the square.

13. Thread a ribbon through the holes. Trim the ribbon tails to extend to within about ½” of the snaps.
14. Center the square onto the cuff and sew a zigzag and straight stitch down the center of each ribbon tail.

15. Thread a piece of ribbon under the ribbon on the cuff to one side of the square where it is not sewn down; tie it in a knot and trim.

Finished Cuff

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