Monday, March 26, 2012

Video Tutorial - How To Create A Transparent Layer For Resin Projects

I'm excited to say that my very first online technique based video for the ICE Resin® Creative Team is up and running!

Creating a Transparent Layer with Kathy Thompson from ICE Resin Creative Team on Vimeo. 

I’ve created this quick video to show you how to make a transparent layer by printing an image directly onto ordinary tissue paper. The image will appear to float above the background layer adding depth and interest to almost any resin project.

All you will need is some ordinary tissue paper, a printer and some ICE Resin®, of course!

1. This technique works best if you choose a black and white image to print onto the tissue paper and layer it over a light background.
2. This same technique could also be accomplished by stamping onto the tissue with permanent ink.

Here is a peek at the finished pendant.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy the video!


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  1. thanks kathy, i have been working with ice resin for a while and did not know this little trick,so thanks for sharing! your work is really pretty! angi in hana

  2. This is lovely, I just love your combination. Now I need to get in that room and make some stuff. Thanks Kathy


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